We run a Zimbra multiserver install at the moment, with three store servers. We more or less manually distribute users amongst the three store servers, each has its own /opt/zimbra/store and /opt/zimbra/hsm. They are not sharing any data other than what ldap shares amongst all of the zimbra nodes.

We are in the process of plannig an upgrade path from RHEL5 ZCS 6.0.10 to RHEL6 ZCS 8.x (whatever is current when we're ready to install). We are moving to 7.2.2 in the middle, then adding in new rhel6 servers, and retiring the rhel5 servers. Then upgrading 7.2.2. to 8.x.

I'm wondering if we can do anything smarter with those store servers when we get to the new platform stage. can the store server be clustered, such that all of our users simply exist in a cluster of X store servers? Or is the split store server approach the best option still?