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Thread: Font size in web UI problem composing email

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    Default Font size in web UI problem composing email

    OS: CentOS
    Zimbra Open Source Version: 8.0.4


    I found two problems with font in Zimbra. Here's the first.

    for my default COS I've chosen font "Sans serif" size "10". When I login into my webmail and create a new message in HTML format, it looks ok but if I "change" the font size again, choosing the same size "10" from the drop-down menu, the text become really small.

    Here's a screenshot:


    This behaviour happens with all sizes. You can reproduce it starting from the size you want, then you select the text and change the size from the drop-down menu choosing the same size. It decreases the size of it.
    It is really annoying and users could be confused if they want to write an HTML e-mail with different sizes in it.

    Same behaviour in Preferences -> Signatures in the HTML editor. It looks affecting all the HTML editors in zimbra web ui.

    It is a known bug?

    Second problem:
    When I reply or forward a message, the header part of the original mail at the bottom of the new message (the "FROM:" "TO" etc. part) seems to bet set with a bigger font size. Is there a way to use the same font size and family of the e-mail message I'm composing?

    Screenshot again


    Thanks for the help!

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    we have the same problem, is there any update on this issue?
    Judging from uor tests it seems that the problem is related to the browser, and not to the desktop version of the software.
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