OS: CentOS
Zimbra Open Source Version: 8.0.4


I found two problems with font in Zimbra. Here's the first.

for my default COS I've chosen font "Sans serif" size "10". When I login into my webmail and create a new message in HTML format, it looks ok but if I "change" the font size again, choosing the same size "10" from the drop-down menu, the text become really small.

Here's a screenshot:


This behaviour happens with all sizes. You can reproduce it starting from the size you want, then you select the text and change the size from the drop-down menu choosing the same size. It decreases the size of it.
It is really annoying and users could be confused if they want to write an HTML e-mail with different sizes in it.

Same behaviour in Preferences -> Signatures in the HTML editor. It looks affecting all the HTML editors in zimbra web ui.

It is a known bug?

Second problem:
When I reply or forward a message, the header part of the original mail at the bottom of the new message (the "FROM:" "TO" etc. part) seems to bet set with a bigger font size. Is there a way to use the same font size and family of the e-mail message I'm composing?

Screenshot again


Thanks for the help!