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Thread: Admin Panel - Services All Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahamp View Post
    But still it can't result with a failing bare-bone installation when documented as the minimum requirement
    You said it failed with 1GB of RAM, that's below the minimum of 2GB and more is always recommended - it's in the documentation.

    Quote Originally Posted by dahamp View Post
    Yes, but it is pretty much logical that the domain name is "one period" less than the hostname
    It migh be logical to you but in DNS terms it's still a sub-domain.

    Quote Originally Posted by dahamp View Post
    and doesn't have to lookup the entire hostname for locating the MX record.
    I don't really understand what you mean by that comment but if you don't change the domain name it will default to the FQDN of the server, that is mentioned during the install and in the documentation.

    Quote Originally Posted by dahamp View Post
    I too doubted it, but I followed the DNS configuration described on zimbra documentation which mentioned about the PTR records.
    Yes, they are mentioned in the documentation and people should follow it but my previous comment still stands.

    Quote Originally Posted by dahamp View Post
    Just though to keep you guys posted on my observations cos it might help someone else scavenging for solutions or to your development team for a better zimbra ..
    Comments are always welcome in the forums but these topics have been covered many times.


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    Hi Prashant,

    Tried uncommenting ModLoad imudp and UDPServerRun 514 as suggested.

    Still no luck.

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    Are you using Ubuntu12 or Ubuntu13?

    Did you try other links mentioned in this post?

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