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Thread: Mails are stored on Server

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    Default Mails are stored on Server


    I have installed a Zimbra Test Server using ZCS 8.0 Open Source Editon. As of now, mails are stored in /opt/zimbra/store location. I dont want to store mails on Server after they are downloaded by users using Outlook . Hence, I disabled IMAP from Admin console. Still, I can see new mails being stored on server. Can anybody suggest me what to do?


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    I assume you are using POP to download the emails then.

    You will need to make sure that Outlook is set up to delete emails from the server after they are POP'ed.

    You will then want to adjust the trash time in the Class of Services so that emails are not retained in the trash. You will also want to ensure that the dumpster feature is disabled.
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