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    Default TermReadKey issues

    Hi, I'm running the net edition trial on Redhat EL4. I have everything installed, setup ldap authentication, and now I need to migrate the users over. The guide I have says I need Mail-IMAPClient, TermReadKey, and imapsync (migrating from another IMAP server). I'm having some troubles with termreadkey. For the mail-imapclient I did perl Makefile.PL, make, make test, and make install and they were all successful. But for term readkey, I get errors when I do make, make test, or make install (It says "make: *** [ReadKey.o] Error 127"). Has anyone else encountered anything like this? I couldn't find any troubleshooting for this in wiki or previous forums.

    Nevermind Fixed it. I had to install the development tools package which I forgot to do during RH install. Hope this helps anyone else who may have encountered the same thing.
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