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Thread: rsync /opt/zimbra/backup to another machine

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    Default rsync /opt/zimbra/backup to another machine

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to rsync our Zimbra backup directory to another host just to have it on another physical box for DR purposes. I've run through some of the wiki articles on backup but am getting stuck with generating the keypair and having them function as expected. My setup is as follows:

    ZCA Release zca-
    ZCS Build 8.0.4.GA.5737.UBUNTU10.64 NETWORK edition.
    My Zimbra server as the "source" machine.
    The destination is another box with SSH enabled.

    I've created a user zimbra on the destination box. All local commands on the zimbra box are executed as user zimbra. From my zimbra server I've run a functioning rsync of /opt/zimbra/backup to the destination using a password so I know the functionality of rsync works. I've run:

    ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ zimbra@destination and verified I see the public key on my destination box. After verifying running "ssh destination" as the zimbra user I still am being prompted for a password. I also used as well with no luck. Permissions on the destination folder are 700 for .ssh and 600 for known_hosts.

    I'm sure this is something simple I'm missing.

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    If you are going to use rsync on ZCS8.0.4, make sure you pass it the -S option

    If you turn on debugging on the ssh server on the machine you are syncing to, you can get information as to why it is prompting. I do this routinely. Usually it is a permissions error on a file or directory that sshd is accessing.
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