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Thread: Trashed Message Lifetime failed

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    Default Trashed Message Lifetime failed

    I have a problem, I download mail using thunderbird (POP3) but Zimbra don't delete my mail but it put into trash folder. I tried to set "trashed lifetime" to 1 hour but it doesnt work, mail arent purged automatically.
    why? can u help me ?


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    Default Move-to-trash was a bug

    Messages deleted via POP3 aren't supposed to be moved to Trash. You're seeing a bug in the beta that will be fixed in the next release (coming very soon). Please check out this thread for details:

    The minimum trash lifetime is currently hardcoded to 31 days. (The feature's not designed for what you were trying to use it for; it's run only once a night by default.) If you think this is too high, please let me know.

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