Wondering if anyone else has run into the problem we are seeing.

Running Zimbra NE 7.2.0_GA_2681 in a multi-server setup.

Setup a new mailbox server and migrated user accounts to it. The problem is that old messages/folders in any given mailbox seem to have a reference of being stored on volumes that were on the old server but not on the new serve. The specific error generated is 'volume.NO_SUCH_VOLUME'.

The old server used iSCSI for storage and had two volumes in addition to the default i.e.
"Volume name" "Volume root path" "Volume type"
index1 /opt/zimbra/index index
message1 /opt/zimbra/store Primary Message
of3index /of3zmstore/index index
of3store /of3zmstore/store Primary Message

The new server only had the default stores of index1 and message1.

After migrating mailboxes to the new server, users couldn't access messages and/or certain mail folders, so it seems that the move mailbox process didn't completely update user data for the new server.

The short-term work-around was to create a symlink in the filesystem (e.g. /of3zmstore/index --> /opt/zimbra/index) and then add new volumes to the new server. However, I would like to truly fix the problem and remove those volume entries.

I've scanned through zimbra mysql database, and I can see the invalid references (to non-existent volumes on the new server), but I'm hoping someone has more specific information on how to properly correct this problem.