So I currently have a couple single server ZCS setups within our organization, running as VMs (not as appliance installs). This is working fine. I am now investigating the Zimbra 8 Appliance with a multi server configuration. This is a test setup to see how it performs and to test out Zimbra 8 as well, with the hopes of migrating to this sort of setup. My question is with regards to the storage setup for the multi server configuration. I am following the VMWare Deploying Zimbra Collaboration appliance 8 on vSphere whitepaper, so essentially going to setup up 5 nodes (ldap master, ldap replica, mta, mbs, proxy). When I deploy the ovf file and run through the setup, I have the option of thin or thick provisioning, and it seems like thick provisioning is the way to go and I agree, BUT it wants to provision 140GB. And as I understand it, that would be for each of the 5 server nodes. Is this required for each of them. Yes I know that the mailbox store is going to have to be configured with more storage based on my user count and that is fine. But what about all the rest of these server nodes. Do the ldap (master and replica), proxy and mta have to be 140GB. What are the recommended storage sizes for each of the different servers? I have looked all over and I can not find any reference to a minimum or recommended storage size per server based on its functionality. If this all works out properly then there will be approximately 200-250 users. Once again I know I will have to tweak the mailbox store based on the number of users, but what about the rest?