I've been having some issues with sending mail from and to the root account on my Zimbra server (for example the output of cron jobs and other application e.g. firewall notifications).

I found that the regular sendmail functionality is broken by default I managed to fix this by following these instructions. However I am still experiencing issues with the output of cron jobs.

I created a test script that generates some output to see what the problem is and I get the following error message in my "/var/log/syslog" file.

Jun 29 13:55:01 zimbra CRON[30581]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)
When I send mail from the command line using the following snippet it does get sent correctly. It didn't work before but after applying the tutorial mentioned above it worked.

echo "Testing 1 2 3" | mail -s "Test mail message" root
I also configured the "/opt/zimbra/postfix-" file to point the "root" alias to the mail address where I want to receive these types of messages on.

I am running the latest LTS of Ubuntu (12.04.2). Does anybody know how I can fix this issue?

Kind regards,