We are running Zimbra NE 7.2 on Linux. Licensing question for you, one I have already posed to our account manager and only received links to the documentation that were already combed through.
We have accounts that are to be deleted, the users having departed. This would free up a user account license. But what about the Archive License? Based on my reading I think the Archive license is still consumed until that archive is deleted. So should we wish to regain the license we would need to save off the archive (to be kept for legal and historical retention purposes) to another location then delete it from the server to free up the Archive license. If we needed to access the Archived files we would then create a user and restore the Archive.
Please confirm /correct my assessment or point me in the right direction. Much appreciated as my boss is seeking confirmation of this question since neither of us has ever dealt with Zimbra before and he has to sign off on the upcoming licensing renewal that he inherited and he wishes to be sure it is right for us.