I need to redirect outgoing mail from one or 2 of my accounts to another one.
I don't have the archiving modules installed so I read an "old" solution with postfix modifications.

I have 3 questions.

1 - Is it still the good solution ?

2 - here is what I will do. Is it correct ?

In /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/
. add this line in main.cf : sender_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sender_bcc
(Can I put this line at the end of the file or did he need to be somewhere precisely ?)

. Create the file : sender_bcc
user1@mydomain admin@mydomain
user2@mydomain admin@mydomain

Run : postmap /opt/zimbra/postfix/sender_bcc
postfix reload

3 - How to remove properly this config.

If I remove the line in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/main.cf and execute "postfix reload" is it enough ? (Remove later the sender_bcc file)
Or do I need to do anything else ?


Zimbra NetworkEd 7.2.4 on Ubuntu8 64x