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Thread: Zimbra Server seems to be crashed

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    Default Zimbra Server seems to be crashed

    Hello forum,

    I did a small modification yesterday on the config of my Zimbra OSE 8.0.3 (CentOS 6.4 64Bits) by changing the value of POP3 throtling to be:

    zmlocalconfig -e pop3_throttle_acct_limit = 2000
    zmlocalconfig -e pop3_throttle_ip_limit = 2000

    After that, i received some calls from end users to informe me that they cannot access their mail, the mail client ask for the password and using the webmail mail they got a 'Network error was occured'. I tried to access the WebAdmin Console but i was not able to do it because i got a blue web page instezd (see attachment).

    I tried also to upgrade to the version 8.0.4 but the upgrade fail just after removing the old version.

    I did a reinstallation and restoration of the backup that i made, but after every new installation i access the WebAdmin console, but just after the restoration of the /opt/zimbra from the backup, il restart the services, tried to access the GUI, i got the same error.

    Attached the logs that i collected.

    Do you have an idea bout the problem?

    I'm working on that since 18 hours now, i'm discouraged and i'm thinking about give up the data and do a fresh installation, reconfigure and recrate users. I want just to ask if is there any way to restore my /opt/zimbra/store folder to inject it and use it into my new installation.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards.
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