Hi all,

i'm working on a Zimbra C.S. 7.0.x and what i'd like to realize is a per-GAL whitelist based on user addressbook. Why to use this? Simple, becouse rbl blocks local delivery for some users that are in customer address book, but last one want to receive email anyway, so I need an easy method (and transparent to customers) that allow messages delivery from whom I've wrote successfully in the past.

My idea is not quiet easy, but not too difficult. Realize an hash file to be compiled in postmap by postfix that allow per-user whitelisting (based on domain GAL).

I've searched for zmprov's command that allow GAL research, but not lucky. This one

zmprov sg <domain> <search>

do something if associated before to a forcedsync with

zmgsautil forceSync -a galsync@<domain> -n <data-source>

but it is dispersive... what I need to find is something like this syntax (ideally, this command doesn't exists indeed)

zmprov GGAAL (something like: get gal address autocomplete list) <email@domain.xxx>


this could be nice, so simply sending standard output to a file, adding "OK" at the end of each line and postmapping this file and inserting this file in hash before rbl rejecting I could teach postfix to delivery anyway if email address or source in blacklisted into an RBL.

Can somebody help me to deploy a similar system, or help me to discover a better use of this practice ?

Best regards all,