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Thread: Archiving to another SMTP

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    Default Archiving to another SMTP


    I would like to archive all incoming and outgoing mails by forwarding a copy of the mail to an additional SMTP server. I am aware that I can send BCC of all emails to a particular log account using always_bcc.

    However I need to retain the original sender and receiver address in the SMTP handling, so that the archive server will process the mail with the corresponding control data. Using always_bcc the recipient header will get changed to the address where it will be copied.

    To make myself more clear, if was the original recipient and was set in always_bcc, the SMTP on archive server will read the destination as and not My requirement is that the archive SMTP should also read the destination as itself.

    I have been using Exim in the past for this, and I would simply add a router to accomplish the additional remote_smtp transport. What could be the equivalent of this in postfix?


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    Why don't you use a mail archiving solution? There are several free versions available (search the forums or internet) and it might be easier than relying on another mail server and provide additional features.


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    Hi Bill,

    I am using Atmail's Archivevault , but replacing Atmail server with Zimbra server. This requires the mail copy to be sent as
    is with the original control data.

    I will lookup the forums for any suitable alternatives.


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