I'm running zcs-8.0.0_GA_5434.UBUNTU10_64.20120907144627, the open source edition. I know backup facilities are less then the commercial one, but even when improvising, how can I restore a single folder that a user has accidentally emptied? The Wiki page for backups describe how to recover a broken system, but not single items.

I administer several conventional courier-IMAP servers as well, and there I can just use my file backup system (rdiff-backup) to recover the file system entries. But, because Zimbra has a store on disk and an accompanying MySQL DB, that is harder.

The user in question has a folder containing thousands of mails that is suddenly empty. It's possible he accidentally chose 'empty folder'. He's restoring from the Trash folder now, but that's very limited. He can only restore 100 mails at a time, and it doesn't remember where messages came from; you have to select a target folder. A better trash would alleviate the lack of more complicated backup features.