What I am trying to do is use my zimbra server more like outlook or Zimbra desktop. I have a work email (me@work.com) that all inbound/outbound traffic has to come from & be received by for compliance. It would be best-case if Zimbra can aggregate my emails (searched that too and be a mail storage for everything, then at home/cell/work I see the same thing while still allowing me to use the personal email domain I have set up.

What I am working with:
-Ubuntu 8.04
-Zimbra .2.4 FOSS edition
-old poweredge server running virtualbox (zimbra is in a vm)

What I have done so far:
-I have read the wiki & anything else I can find external MTA with Zimbra.
-set up relay password
-ran all of the postfix security commands
-added the external relay pop3.work.com to MTA tab
-Not knowing how to properly use this powerful tool I even tried an alias domain/account...that didn't work out so well either as then every time I tried to email someone at work Zimbra assumed they were also supposed to be @zimbraserver.com

I just can't seem to get it to work the way I want. Zimbra allows me to send emails & retrieve the pop account I want, but sent mail always comes from me@zimbraserver.com on behalf of instead of me@work.com.

The only reason I am not using a newer version...32bit this is the last supported version for Ubuntu.
I am guessing this is something Zimbra can easily do...just haven't figured it out yet
Please be gentle...its my 1st Zimbra
Thanks for anything.