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Thread: Zimbra needs to handle more than 10000 users

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    Default Zimbra needs to handle more than 10000 users

    Hi Folks,

    We are planning to use zimbra for more than 10k users out of which few users only receive mail from internet and almost 95% of the users should not able to send or receive mails from/to outside. Even the remaining 5% users would not receive mails from all of the domains and would want to receive mail from one domain i.e.

    I am more concern about server sizing and I am pretty sure one server would not take this much load hence planning for below setup and need all your expert advice.

    one Master LDAP server
    Two Mailbox servers
    One incoming server
    one outgoing server

    What else you guys think I should make sure before start implementing?

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    Hi, You cannot maintain 10k users on one machine and its very hard to maintain also..

    Zimbra is I/O intensive application you need to provision good I/O to smooth run, 10k users is a enterprise level you need to first calculate and deploy the hardware and there many things which need to be concentrated ..

    There is a good performance article on zimbra wiki which will help you: Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments - Zimbra :: Wiki

    My sincere suggestion is.. if you really go for upgrade your existing hardware then contact Zimbra consultant, it may really help you the long run.

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