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Thread: http not responding after migration

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    Default [solved]http not responding after migration


    I migrate from a server to another by :
    installing a 7.1.4 on CENTOS 6
    cleaning /opt/zimbra
    and rsync the folder form the old server

    I got a 404 powered by jetty, so i made a usermod to fit the old user_id

    Now, the web is not responding.
    i try :
    wget localhost
    but it doesn't work

    the netstat show something strange :

    netstat -antp | grep ":80"
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6048/java
    tcp 157 0 xx.xx.xx.19:80 xx.xx.xx.18:64671 CLOSE_WAIT -

    My server IP is finishing by 19, but it try to talk with an other server with the same IP but finishing by 18, not mine.

    I looked the commands i've made, but this IP apears anywhere, i try to grep this IP in the conf,data directory, no answer.

    where can be stored This IP ?

    mysql table config et mailbox_metadata where crashes
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