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Thread: on a spammers list ("suckers list" ?).

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    Exclamation on a spammers list ("suckers list" ?).

    We use RBLs still we appear to be on a spammers list ("suckers list" ?).
    We are continuously targeted by SPAM e-mails
    Has anybod found a solution to this ?


    From: Institute of Technology <>

    Dear Account User,

    This is to Remind you that your EMAIL log in details will be out of date in
    two days, you are requested to forward your last log in Information (User
    Name) (Password) to:

    A new log in details will be issued to you,

    Failure to do this your account will be deactivated after 24 hours.

    Thanks For any replies,

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    There is no way, known to man, to get off of a spammers list. No matter the email provider, big or small, spam (or in the case of the message you've given as an example, phishing scams).

    RBLs just shield you from the worst of the worst servers. You will still have some get through. I'm not sure what spam filtering you're using but even with what we use (Cisco's IronPort) we still have spam getting through (though > 90% that attempts to send to us is blocked).

    You should look into ways of reducing spam though. What RBL(s) are you using? What are you using for spam filtering (for content that is from non-RBL listed IPs)?
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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    Thanks Paul,

    We use spamassassin which works quite well however these phishing attempts come from a valid e-mail address e.g.
    We have setup a cron job to check if an account has been compromised but there must be a better way.


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