I administrate the mail server with zimbra 8.04, and found a problem with sending mail to restricition lists, I will explain:
- I have a list: g_infran1 and g_infran2 that are member in g_infra;
- I use this: zmprov grr dl g_infran1@domain grp g_infra@domain sendToDistList, this is just the example;
- When I send mail with mail infrates@domain (that not a member list g_infra, g_infran1 and g_infran2) to g_infra, the list g_infran1 receive the mail, but should not receive;
- If I send directly to g_infran1 the mail is denied, it's correct, the problem is when have list inside list;

This is a bug, or have other configuration I can do?