we are trying to configure Zimbra 8.0.4 so that we have different classes of "Home Tabs" with a small menu containing a selection of internal services. This works well in principle with our modified com_zimbra_html example code (users must be authenticated with the zimbra web frontend before they have access to the selected internal services), however, the http://our.zimbra.server/service/pro...ternal.service proxy access does not rewrite the URLs for images and links.

It might be acceptable to create special versions of small web interfaces (e.g. for opening IT tickets) with a "http://our.zimbra.server/service/proxy?target=http://our.internal.service" prefix before each image link, however, this is not feasible for most existing services, e.g. our internal Wiki. Without modifications, these services will be rendered without images, with faulty links and strange caching effects (if you have a mobile machine that occasionally has direct access to these services from an internal network).

Can we use a proxy mechanism other than "...service/proxy?target=...", or get this method to properly handle images and links?
(Zimbra is running on a VM in the DMZ, it does have http-access to selected machines on our inner networks.)

Many thanks for any help with this.
Warm regards,
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