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Thread: how to send a cronjob email via mta1 or mta2 server?

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    Default how to send a cronjob email via mta1 or mta2 server?


    I have multi server setup. 3 servers named mta1, mta2 and mailbox server.

    On mailbox server, I have setup a cronjob to backup mailboxes with zmmailbox command? ( it is a foorloop)

    After running this cronjob, I need an email to be sent to

    No mta is runnig on mailbox server. I have below entrty in my cronjob?

    my /etc/cron.d/backup file looks like this.
    15 11 * * * root /root/scripts/

    But, no email is sent since it has no mta is installed.

    How can I send this email via mta1 or mta2 server?

    Hope to hear from you?

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    Googling came up with this, though I haven't tried it myself

    smtp-cli — command line SMTP client

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