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Thread: AD integration questions

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    Default AD integration questions

    Hey folks,
    Just getting started here but already very impressed!

    I'm thinking about moving away from MS entirely, however before I do, I want to live in an integrated environment for a while.

    I've done quite a bit of searching and reading and I have to say everyone is very helpful!

    Here's my current setup:
    2 windows 2003 boxes (A and B) where BoxA (aspen.nsnet.local in the example below) is the master (all roles) and is the Exchange 2003 server. Currently BoxB isn't doing much besides serving some web pages and file serves as well as acting as a backup DNS (trying to phase it out so I can migrate it to Linux).

    I have installed Zimbra on my main Linux server for testing purposes, call it BoxZ. (like I said, plan is for BoxB to become a Linux sever).

    Internally I use a domain name of nsnet.local and externally I have 10 different domain names (only about 4 of which have email users). Exchange is setup to handle each of the external domains and I have policies that assign the email addresses based on a windows group...but most users have multiple addresses. For instance, user John Doe is jdoe@nsnet.local in AD, however his email address is and and maybe even

    What I'd like to do is migrate SOME of the external domains to Zimbra, again mostly for testing. So in my example above I might move to Zimbra. Changing the external DNS's MX record was easy enough....and I could manually create a new account in Zimbra, however (and here's the kicker, right?) I want John Doe to be able to log into Zimbra using his nsnet.local credentials.

    So, the questions are:
    a) is this possible?
    b) how do I go about it?
    I know the later is a bit of a blanket question, however I think I have a start.
    In Zimbra I created the domain and set the GAL as follows:
    GAL mode: 	
    Most results returned by GAL search: 	
    Server type: 	
    Active Directory
    LDAP filter:* 	
    Autocomplete filter: 	
    LDAP search base: 	
    LDAP URL: 	
    Bind DN:
    While I'm on this, is it safe to use the domain admin for the bind DN?

    For authentication I have:
    Authentication mechanism: 	
    External Active Directory
    LDAP bind DN template:
    LDAP URL: 	
    Again, for testing using the domain admin account- please advise if thats a huge security risk, even during testing.

    BUT...when jdoe ties to log in it doesnt work.
    So I created an account in Zimbra called and then tried to log in as and jdoe@nsnet.local however neither worked. So I tried to overide the in Jdoe's account and make it @nsnet.local ... but it doesnt appear to have saved the change.

    Of course, I'd prefer Zimbra to import all my AD users, or at some based on their group (is that the search term?), but I'd settle for having to manually add accounts in Zimbra that match the AD accounts.

    Any suggestions or hints would be GREATLY appericated.

    Thanks in advance

    p.s. if I want to go totally FLOSS, could I use Zimbra (with its fancy LDAP) as an AD replacement? Can I authenticate XP and OS X (more of the later) and Linux clients against Zimbra?

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    Hi SpaceBass,
    Thanks for the code, that alone answered afew questions I had. But I am also interested in the AD questions you asked, I would prefer it if Zimbra could import AD users, or even just do an LDAP lookup for group membership and use that to match accounts between AD and zimbra.

    As far as your "p.s" note, i dont see any reason why you couldnt. You might want to look at Novells offerings in that regard, since last time i checked they offered a pretty good platform for controlling multiple OS environments (their email system is horrible though).


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