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Thread: task format problems

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    Unhappy task format problems


    I'm having a problem editing one of my lengthy task lists, which I use to store/edit a lengthy text file. My task is nicely formatted with line breaks between topics, but when I try to edit the list or paste it into another editor the line breaks disappear and it becomes illegible similar to the following.

    test1, user1, x1, x2
    test2, user2, y1, y2

    upon editing becomes:
    test1, user1, x1, x2 test2, user2, y1, y2

    basically the text all gets glommed together.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I wouldn't be opposed to storing my list as an address, I just need it to sync to my iphone so that I can edit either on the phone or on my pc.

    zimbra 8.03_ga_5664 open source version

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    Replying to my own thread. I was able to work around this problem in zimbra by pasting the task into a new contact on my iphone, the iphone doesn't seem to garble the format the way zimbra does. The contact then syncs back to zimbra without issues.

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