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Thread: Enhancement - set defaults in Migration Wizard in zcs8

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    Default Enhancement - set defaults in Migration Wizard in zcs8

    Migrating to zimbra 8 from zimbra 5.
    School (over 300) Domain Admins who are not very technical and many don't like changes have grown accustomed to using the bulk provision tool in zimbra 5. As a minimum setting, one should be able to set defaults for their Domain Admins. Ideally we would like to remove options to prevent users from going astray and calling the Service Desk but would settle for ability to change defaults. We do not mind editing files to achieve the required goal. Yes, we are aware it would be lost in an upgrade but we make notes so the modifications can be repeated.
    Any ideas on which files to modifiy?

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    A Request For Enhancement was opened:

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    When creating users in bulk using the Migration wizard I would like to restrict user options. On the “Data Import” pages the wizard the users has to make three choices:
    1. Type of mail server: Generic IMAP Server or Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    2. Would you like to import account records? Yes or No
    3. Would you like to import mail? Yes or No

    When choosing “Zimbra Collaboration Suite”, “Yes” and “No”. The wizard tries to import email for the accounts that are created even though “No” to import mail is specified. I have to choose “Generic IMAP Server”, “Yes” and “No” to prevent this behaviour.
    The obvious choice for any user will be “Zimbra Collaboration Suite” which will lead to confusion.

    I don’t have any Javascript skills but have discovered th relevant code to hard code the default setting I need “Generic IMAP Server”, “Yes” and “No”.

    To set Type of mail server to “Generic IMAP Server”, comment out line 166 in ZaBulkProvision.js.
    cd /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/com_zimbra_bulkprovision/
    cp ZaBulkProvision.js ZaBulkProvision.js.original
    vi ZaBulkProvision.js

    Remove SourceServerTypeZimbra “Zimbra Collaboration Suite” from “Type of mail server:” drop-down box in Migration Wizard.
    comment line 166 choice
    164 ZaBulkProvision.SourceServerTypeChoices = [
    165 {label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.SourceServerTypeIM AP, value:ZaBulkProvision.MAIL_SOURCE_TYPE_IMAP},
    166 // {label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.SourceServerTypeZi mbra, value:ZaBulkProvision.MAIL_SOURCE_TYPE_ZIMBRA}
    167 ];

    To restrict Yes/No choices “Would you like to import account records?” to “Yes” and “Would you like to import mail?” to “No”. The following three lines of code has to be changed. Anyone out there able to help?

    cp ZaBulkDataImportXWizard.js ZaBulkDataImportXWizard.js.original
    vi ZaBulkDataImportXWizard.js

    37 this.yesNoChoices = [{value:"TRUE", label:ZaMsg.Yes}, {value:"FALSE", label:ZaMsg.No}];
    858 {type:_OSELECT1_,label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.Im portAccountRecord sQ,ref:ZaBulkProvision.A2_provisionUsers,choices:t his.yesNoChoices,visibilityChecks:[],enableDisableChecks:[]},
    859 {type:_OSELECT1_,label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.Im portAccountMailQ, ref:ZaBulkProvision.A2_importEmail, sNoChoices,visibilityChecks:[],enableDisableChecks:[]}

    I tried the following:
    this.yesChoices = [{value:"TRUE", label:ZaMsg.Yes}];
    this.NoChoices = [{value:"FALSE", label:ZaMsg.No}];
    {type:_OSELECT1_,label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.Im portAccountRecordsQ,ref:ZaBulkProvision.A2_provisi onUsers,choices:this.yesChoices,visibilityChecks:[],enableDisableChecks:[]},
    {type:_OSELECT1_,label:com_zimbra_bulkprovision.Im portAccountMailQ,ref:ZaBulkProvision.A2_importEmai l,choices:this.NoChoices,visibilityChecks:[],enableDisableChecks:[]}

    2. Would you like to import account records? Yes
    3. Would you like to import mail? TRUE #Had to choose “No” in dropdown box. TRUE then disappeared as an option.

    The vast majority of our primary schools Domain Admins are school Administration staff who are very weak at IT skills. Most secondary schools have technical staff. There is a greater ratio of primary schools and nursery than secondary schools as expected. Hence, the desire to restrict choices to the correct choice to reduce problems.
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