Hi All

Since I started using Zimbra (currently I have a v7 and v8 edition running) I have stopped the zimbra services and then rsynced the opt/zimbra directory. I used this on my fist machine move from Centos 5.5 to Ubuntu 10.4 on v6.

I have been reading a 13 page heated post on here about backups and ldap and a file which seems to come across as possible 80gb. Now I am still a novice when it comes to Linux and I know if I search on here I will find lots of example of backups but an now confused whether any of these will be correct. I did notice a Zimbra employee saying we should not even be using rsync but with open source editions our options are a little limited.

I am looking for some advise here as to what I should really be doing in the way of backups just for security and even in the event of moving to a new server.