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    Default Multiple servers

    I know this has been covered several times, but I am not finding the correct answer for my situation...

    I have a ZCS server setup with, its behind a firewall/router, but there is only one ip coming in so I have no need for split dns. Everything has worked great for several years and continue to works great to date.

    I am now thinking about expanding and adding new companies/urls to the existing server, they each want an email system in place.

    Am I better off just setting up aliases for all the new urls?
    Setting up split dns?
    or do I need a new ZCS for each url?

    Ubuntu server 12.04.2 LTS
    ZCS 8.0 (upgrading to 8.4 in a few months)

    current; -> ZCS server

    wanting; -> ZCS server ----^

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    I think I am starting to find my answers here;

    Zimbra LDAP
    and Zimbra
    message store
    on one server

    Zimbra MTA on
    a separate

    Possibly include
    Zimbra MTA

    This would give me a few mailbox servers that could handle the multiple urls, I think.
    Still any clarification would be very helpful.

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    actually, I think I will just do this;

    Adding a Mailbox Server to a Single
    Server Configuration

    Then I will have a new server that runs all the mailboxes (I can add them as needed) and my old server that handles ZCS (minus mailboxes) and all the websites.

    I think this will work.

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