We are planning a move from old hardware to new, ZCS NE 7.2.2.

There's a bug (http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=79581) which is standing in our way, where messages that exist in hsm on the source, do not get updated properly on the destination if the destination does not also use hsm.

We are trying to do away with hsm in our migration. However we've tested this, and it indeed does not work. Messages on the destination server are placed in the store, but the mysql database is still looking for the hsm volume.

We're told that zcs 7.2.5 (which is not yet released) is slated to have this bug fix. Thats not an option for us due to time constraints, and suported zcs versions on our source servers.

Has anyone else found a supported way to work around this bug? Obviously, updating the database would fix it, but that's not something i expect we'd get support from Vmware on.