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    Default Errors Webmail

    Hi ..

    I Zimbra server 8.0.2 installed on my company and several error messages occur when using the Webmail. In some cases the answer emails the following error appears: "CSFE_SVC_ERROR method: SaveDraftRequest detail: HTTP response status 503 trace: request: isZmCsfeException: true" to also attach files have the following error occurred:
    "Service failure
    mothod: AjxSoapDoc.createFromXml: 2
    msg: Service failure
    details: contact your administrator (Invalidate SOAP PDU) "
    Through Outlook no errors occur.
    Any member had any similar case?

    Thank you.

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    Please open bug at with repro steps, browser version, OS, exact zimbra version and soap trace(firebug).

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