excuse me,

Some days ago, I had installed zimbra 8.0.4 Open Source edition in my proxmox-ve version 3.0, i use openvz. I alocated resource like this:
os = Ubuntu 12.04
memory = 2 GB
disk = 150 GB
cpu = 2 core

but i have a problem. only in approximately 10 minutes up time, my zimbra machine has spend his alocated resource. when i monitoring the resource, the zimbra show that it has use:
45 % of Disk, 90% of memory and 98% of cpu. even though at this time only one user that access the zimbra web client. and it happend in zimbra fresh install on openVZ.

any body can explain me, how the problem can happend? and what should i do to resolve the problem. help me, please
Best Regards,