We just upgraded to Zimbra 8. It's nice, but we are getting killed with spam. Working on that.

But we are also noticing blocked attachements getting through also.

Using: Free Email Security Check I am testing our spam/attachement filters. They send 7 emails in total.

The first 2 emails are blocked because of .BAT extensions. The next 2 are bad headers.

The final 3 emails make it through every single time, 2 of which have an attachement with .BAT and the other with no extention.

How is it the first 2 .BATs are blocked, but the next 2 get through every time? Comparing between our Z8 and Z7, Z7 doesnt have those problems, and all the settings are the same.

I verified that the last 2 .BATs werent something like .bat.txt and surely enough they popped open my command prompt when I executed them. So they are real .bat files, they are just not being blocked. Could someone give any ideas why?