Hi all,

We use an external spam filtering application (Cisco IronPort) instead of the built-in Zimbra one. We take advantage of the Spam/Notspam folders/accounts in Zimbra though so that users can easily report false negatives & false positives. We take a further step with that in that on the spam account in Zimbra, I have incoming mail filters which automatically forward messages certain users mark as spam to the spam reporting address at Cisco.

The rule's action is "Forward to Address". Oddly though, when these are forwarded there is no return-path for the message and the "From" header is set as "MAILER-DAEMON@zmail.newpaltz.edu". When I use the same rule on regular accounts, the return path matches the account it is sending from.

Is there any way to make the spam/ham accounts act like a normal account with respect to the rule handling?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.