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Thread: Zimbra and users who subscribe to lots of mailing lists.

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    Question Zimbra and users who subscribe to lots of mailing lists.


    Zimbra's a pretty neat client! I daresay it looks like it's almost a gmail killer, and definitely a gmail killer in that one can use it without outsourcing mail hosting to a single company out of the country.

    However, I'm trying to figure out how well Zimbra would handle a user who participates heavily in mailing lists (remote ones, not Zimbra-hosted).

    I've managed to boil it down to these questions:

    1) Does Zimbra use Maildir to store messages in the back end?

    2) Can procmail be used at all? (I have a recipe that automatically creates new folders for each mailing list based on incoming messages' list-id). I suppose it would be better to use Zimbra's message filter rule facility, but it doesn't appear to support list-id.

    3) Does Zimbra now do proper threading based on message-id? I read that back in 2005 Zimbra used the subject line to do it, which isn't very nice.

    4) Does Zimbra store messages via Maildir, mbox, or its own database back end?

    5) Has anyone worked on gpg support (OK, maybe this one is asking a bit much)?

    Many thanks!
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    1) file per message (but not maildir), metadata in mysql

    2) we support sieve, but you are restricted to sieve that UI can generate and parse back (if you don't want to use our UI have at the sieve)

    3) Still using subjects just like gmail. Works great. Used to bother me we did that, but 3 yrs later, I have no complaints. The idea of change is sometimes the bigger barrier than the change itself.

    4) See 1).

    5) It is somewhere in bugzilla.
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    and oh yeah, you can filter based on any header.
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