I've been using Zimbra for, like half a year, now and must say how wonderfull this product is.

I am on Open source edition and have some problems [ofc after my own stupidity].

I have 7 or so domains, around 5-10 users for each of them. I've set up aliases too for similar accounts. Had created admin@domain.com for all domains. Nothing wrong till now. But then, i wanted to have all 'simmilar' accounts on one single acc, preferably using aliases, aka admins and my personal emails. So i checked all accounts and added them as aliases under one single account and then deleted them so only one master account would stay. Everything went pretty, until i deleted master admin account for admin console

soo stupid, i know

So, my question is, how can i restore admin account, after i successfully locked myself out of admin console

Hope this can be done, because purging it all and starting over is a no-go

Thanks to everyone who might share a thought on this