Hi All,

I have installed zimbra 8.0.4 open source edition using the Multi Server installation guide with
-2 Zimbra ldap servers (multi Master Replication)
-1 Zimbta MTA server (mta1.example.com)
-2 Zimbra Proxies
-2 Zimbra Mailstore servers
I have done all the installations on Centos 6.4 x86_64 OS.
Now, I would like to install three additionals MTA servers for redundancy purposes. I will do the installation using the same guide.
Finally I'll have the MTAs:

My question is ... how can I use the mta1.example.com and mta2.example.com for the incoming emails and the mta3.example.com
and mta4.example.com for the outgoing?

I would like to know if there is any procedure or any tips that I have to read before the installations.

BTW ... as instructions for additionals Relay hosts and MTAs, i have seen the following articles:
1. SMTP failback relay functionality: as described in Smtp fallback relay - Zimbra :: Wiki article
2. ZimbraSmtpHostname: ZimbraSmtpHostname - Zimbra :: Wiki
But, both of the are instructions for Zimbra 7.
Also, I'm not sure if I have to follow the 2 ZimbraSMTPHostname after the new MTAs installations have been completed or the installation
script will apply the configuration automatically.

Thanks in advance,