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    Greeting all:

    I must first say that I love the Zimbra product. It is exactly what I was looking for with regard to collaborating documents, calendars and email. I read a thread that stated that the Briefcase was "Here to Stay" and to that I say "Hoorah!" It is simple, easy to use and straightforward...perfect for my needs. It also stated in the thread to make requests regarding improvements, etc but I wasn't sure which thread to post the requests in. My only improvement request would be to have have the document storage for briefcase accessible from a user defined partition, in essence, be able to change where the documents are stored. This would would allow me to expand the space needed for document storage on an " as-needed " basis without reinstalling Zimbra on bigger and bigger drives. Hope this makes sense. Thanks to all for a great product. Cheers!

    Shawn Simmons

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    Could be considered as an enhancement. Please go ahead and open an/a enhancement/bug at

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