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Thread: exchange 2010 to zimbra hmtl mail problem

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    Default exchange 2010 to zimbra hmtl mail problem

    Hi everyone,

    I am racing Zimbra Community 8.0.4 against Exchange 2010 farm in our company Last week i finished setup the zimbra server and everything is up and running. I moved one of our domain to zimbra and sending test mails from exchange to zimbra server but i have a problem with hmtl mails. That's so strange but when i send hmtl mail from exchange server (does not matter from owa or outlook) to zimbra, i see it as converted text. For example i copy and paste an excel chart into email and send it from exhange to zimbra, i see all of the chart converted into text format on zimbra. I disabled antispam, antivirus services on zimbra but did not fix my problem. I did debug on exchange smtp but could not see any problem. This is the first time and never seen these problem.

    Then, i called one of my friend who is using the same version of zimbra, and did the same test on his server, there is no problem. How can i handle it?


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    If you are able to reproduce then please open a bug with exact Zimbra Server version, MIME(Show original of Zimbra & Exchange) and screenshots(exchange & zimbra).

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