Recently I ran into stupid situation. My users uses MS Outlook as primary mail client, getting/sending their mails via POP3/SMTP to/from Zimbra mail server (OSE).

The email processing is not the main task of them - they have much more jobs to do than simple r/w email. That is why we need to automate some processes.

Well, I know about zmprov ma ACCT zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress ANOTHERACCT, but how to automate such process?

What exactly I need:

1. admin receives the ticket like "ACCT1 must be forwarded to ACCT2 since DATE1 till DATE2"
2. admin files this information somewhere and:
3. on DATE1 forward address will be set up ACCT1-->ACCT2 and the forwarding will be enabled
4. on DATE2 the forwarding will be disabled (with or without removal of forward-to address)

I thinking about something like cron-executed script, but need some assistance about best way of how to do that.

If anyone have working solution or realized ideas, share them with me please?

Thank you!

p.s. I will not idly wait for answers, and I will attempt to make this automation by myself, but suggestions are highly appreciated.