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Thread: Duplicate Emails

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    Default Duplicate Emails

    We have recently installed a new Zimbra Appliance 8.04. We also installed Zextras 1.88 on the server. I have been migrating accounts from our Zimbra 6.04 to the new server. Everything has been going well but now We have a few accounts that are receiving duplicate email messages and some are getting duplicate calendar entries as well.

    I tried reindexing an account and received a invalid SOAP PDU error.

    Can anybody help?


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    Have you performed the migration with ZeXtras Suite/ ZeXtras Migration Tool or with Zimbra Wiki guide?
    As far as I know you can't use Zextras to perform a migration from a Zimbra 6.04 (required at least 6.07)
    If you didn't use Zextras to migrate the server you can remove it from the problem search.

    If you used ZeXtras i Strongly suggest you to try to ask them some help on Zextras Forums or via Support Ticket.

    Best Regards.
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