My System:
Release 8.0.3.GA.5664.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.

I activated "cbpolicyd" so I can use the greylist feature of zimbra.
I used the wiki for this: Postfix Policyd - Zimbra :: Wiki

And I added the greylist line to the db:
sqlite> select * from greylisting;
1|3|Zimbra Greylisting percentage|1|300|SenderIP:/32|604800|86400|1|604800|100|95|1|604800|100|100|Retry in 300 Sek|0
I also extendet the log, so I get mor infos:
zmlocalconfig -e cbpolicyd_log_detail="modules,tracking,policies,protocols"
Greylist module is also enabled:
zimbra@my-zimbra01:/tmp$ zmlocalconfig | grep policyd
cbpolicyd_bind_port = 10031
cbpolicyd_bypass_mode = tempfail
cbpolicyd_bypass_timeout = 30
cbpolicyd_cache_file = ${zimbra_home}/data/cache
cbpolicyd_db_file = ${zimbra_home}/data/cbpolicyd/db/cbpolicyd.sqlitedb
cbpolicyd_log_detail = modules,tracking,policies,protocols
cbpolicyd_log_file = ${zimbra_log_directory}/cbpolicyd.log
cbpolicyd_log_level = 4
cbpolicyd_log_mail = main
cbpolicyd_module_accesscontrol = 1
cbpolicyd_module_checkhelo = 1
cbpolicyd_module_checkspf = 1
cbpolicyd_module_greylisting = 1
cbpolicyd_module_quotas = 1
cbpolicyd_pid_file = ${zimbra_log_directory}/cbpolicyd.pid
cbpolicyd_timeout = 120
postfix_enable_smtpd_policyd = yes
But when I now send an E-Mail from another mailserver to the zimbra server nothing happens.
The mail gets through "cbpolicyd" without any problems.
I can see that the mail gets processed by "cbpolicyd" in the "/opt/zimbra/log/cbpolicyd.log" file.
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Running module: Access Control Plugin
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Running module: HELO/EHLO Check Plugin
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Running module: SPF Check Plugin
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Running module: Greylisting Plugin
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Running module: Quotas Plugin
[2013/08/23-15:51:16 - 7478] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Done with modules

If I understand it right zimbra schould reject the mail the first time.
And if the other mailserver sends the mail again after some time (300 seconds in my case) the mail gets trough the greylist and the server is moved into the "auto whitelist".

But there are only my entrys in the lists. And that are only the the addresses of the local zimbra server (2 internal addresses and 1 external)
The other mailserver is not listed.
sqlite> select * from greylisting_autowhitelist;

sqlite> select * from greylisting_autoblacklist;

sqlite> select * from greylisting_tracking;

sqlite> select * from greylisting_whitelist;
1|SenderIP:|Whitelist mailbox|0
2|SenderIP:|Whitelist mailbox|0
3|SenderIP:|Whitelist mailbox|0

Has someone an idea what I have done wrong?