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    Default webinterface integration

    We want to integrate the web application in our portal-one-login system. Have anyone done anything similar before and can let me know some of your thoughts...

    The way i see it, the major problem in the one login feature where we let the user login, see our portal-frontpage and then with a one-click should enter the zimbra application.

    Also code heavy zimbra application might be a problem with design integration but that can usualy be solved...

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    This is actually quite easy to do, with the preauth stuff. You can even ahve it launch into specified application.

    All works rather easily, just not terribly documented.
    Zimbra Preauth

    You'll need to likely write some stuff up to calculate some dates etc, but its actually way better thought out than most of the methods I've seen people do this sort of thing. Good Luck

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