Hi Zimbra Gurus,

I'm trying to import some contacts for a customer, (approx 1600), I've setup an export for a template but I get the following error when importing..

Unknown error for item “(Unknown)”: Could not parse csv file - Reason : invalid format - header field 1 of 1 is too long (length=268)

I've trimmed out all the unused header fields, thus reducing the length=700 to length=268, but if I trim any more fields I start to loose data which is not ideal.

I've also saved only 100 contacts to attempt an import but have the same error so it's no the qty of records. Any thoughts? I'm pretty sure I've sanatized the contacts as best as possible and with the template as generated by Zimbra, I'm not sure why it fails.

Anyways, appreciate your help in advance.

ZCS Version 8.0.3_GA_5664.NETWORK 5 Mar, 2013.