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    Red face Memory Requirements

    According to the System Requirements spec sheet, development servers need 1G of RAM and production servers need 2-4G... why so much memory usage? Am I going to really need all that, or can I get away with less? Theoretically if I vertically partition my application (LDAP, ZCS, MTA), I can use boxes with less RAM... right? what would you suggest for each... i.e. how does the memory usage break down between the components? I'm running a dev version right now and it appears that the tomcat process is using the most memory, although there's not a whole lot of mail I/O.

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    mysql (innodb) buffer pool and Java heap are where most of the memory goes. Giving both those pieces more memory results in less IO (better caching). The 4GB requirement depends on how many mailboxes you have. We are successfully perf testing 2-5K users on enterprise profile (depends on the profile - the less data involved, the better the performance obviously) on a dual CPU box with 4GB of RAM using the AJAX UI.
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