Hi there,

I've seen a few posts on this in my research, but some are old and others are somewhat confusing (mostly in the way the question has been phrased, and therefore how the answer can be interpreted).

Do I understand correctly that the current (version 8.0.4) Open Source Edition of Zimbra does not support either of the following for the purposes of adding, editing and removing email accounts, aliases, etc. within a domain:
  • One administrator per domain, or
  • Multiple domains assigned to multiple administrators (e.g., 1 domain to admin A, 2 to admin B, 3 to admin C, etc.)

In other words, is there only one administrator for the whole server, whether that server hosts one domain or a thousand?

If my understanding is correct, are there any plans to add this feature to the Open Source Edition, or (as I'm tempted to assume) is the lack of this feature intentional to entice upgrading to the Network Edition?