Good day,

I beg your pardon but I need a bit support.
I have updated our 7.1.2. to 7.2.4. This worked without any problems.

Later I upgraded the 7.2.4 to 8.0.4 and now I am not able to log in via GUI.
Login through Outlook works.

At the moment the GUI says if I try to login: "an error networks services has occurred"
and zmprov is not usable:

[zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov -v
ERROR: service.PROXY_ERROR (error while proxying request to target server: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)
com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: error while proxying request to target server: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Code:service.PROXY_ERROR Argurl, STR, "https://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/AuthRequest")
at com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException.PROXY_E RROR(
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(So
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invoke(SoapTr
at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invokeWithout Session(
at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invoke Request(
at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invoke (
at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.soapAd minAuthenticate(
at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.soapZi mbraAdminAuthenticate(
at com.zimbra.cs.account.ProvUtil.initProvisioning(Pr
at com.zimbra.cs.account.ProvUtil.main( 3472)
Does anybody has an idea what the problem might be?
I am using Centos 6.4 with the Network Edition (standalone).