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Thread: new themes in ZCS NE

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    Default new themes in ZCS NE

    Hello All,

    we're having a problem adding new themes in ZCS 7.2.4 NE trial installation.

    What we did:

    1) taken "Carbon" theme as base fro two new skins, "BAM_carbon" and "BAM_carbon_big"
    2) added some css rules to "skin.css" files, in both new skin folders
    3) changed the skin name in files, "BAM_carbon" and "BAM_carbon_big" are the two names used
    4) put the directories with all the needed files in /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/skins"
    5) given the right permissions (755) and ownership (zimbra user) to all these new files, even in subfolders
    6) executed (from zimbra user, in skin directory):
    zmskindeploy BAM_carbon/
    zmskindeploy BAM_carbon_big/
    7) stopped and started services:
    zmcontrol restart
    8) flushed skin cache from Admin Console, from Configuration->Server settings
    9) cleared browser cache in any way... also tried with different browsers...

    We read a lot all the wikis, docs and everything, all the docs are out of date or not working...
    ZWC 5.0 Themes

    In this doc is not clear what to do with this description I've marked in BOLD: Creating Themes Long Version - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Deploying from a Source Files

    Open a terminal or dos window.

    Tell the server about the new theme:
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov mcf +zimbraInstalledSkin themeName

    Go to your ZimbraWebClient/ directory and re-build the source:
    ant clean deploy

    Restart the server:
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol stop
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol start
    And you're done! You should now be able to log in and switch to the new theme in the Options screen.

    The problem is that the new themes are not working, even if they are selectable from the "preferences" menu and they're also visible with the command:

    zmprov gacf | grep Skin

    Thanks for any help

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    I do not know if it's useful, but seems that the CSS that is generated for the new theme is always taken from the default theme that has been set up in Administration Console:

    http://<local_ip_address>/zimbra/css/skin.css?v=130523113412&debug=1&skin=carbon&locale =en_US
    http://<local_ip_address>/zimbra/css/skin.css?v=130523113412&debug=1&skin=BAM_unread&lo cale=en_US

    Any hint for this? Does this related with the trial license type/limitation?
    Thank you in advance


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    I dont see this have anything to do with license. Please try

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    Hello Prashant, thanks for your reply.

    I followed these instructions and did some other test, skins now work, great!

    Anyway, I noticed that the problem seemed the underscore into the skin name.... I just changed the skin name fom "BAM_unread" in "bam" (and athe folder name, of course) and everithing goes fine.
    Is it possible for you that this character "_" is giving problems?


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