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Thread: What to do with .mht attachments

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    Default What to do with .mht attachments

    Ok, someone sent me an attachment with the extension .mht... which I understand to be a somewhat standardized format in the Windows world. Supposedly one can change the extension to .eml and some programs on Linux might understand it better... I'm not sure... but anyway... in Zimbra, when I click on the attachment, it just displays the data from the file in a zimbra popup window with the only options being print and close.

    Any ideas on how to actually do something with the attachment?

    Oh, I'm using the Open Source Edition of Zimbra... latest production version.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's a web page that's been saved as an archive, have a look here. I'm not sure if there's any way to open them in Linux but a google should help you or maybe one of the other forum users may have a suggestion.


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    Default Yeah but...

    Ok, like... I knew what the file was... and even if there is a way to convert such files, that doesn't help me when viewing in Zimbra because the only option I see is to view it in a Zimbra popup window with Print and Close as the only options. So, I don't even have the ability to save/download it (other than copy and pasting from the body into a text editor which I doubt would work very well) in the first place.

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