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Thread: Recover emails from zDesktop

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    Default Recover emails from zDesktop

    Hi guys,

    Well, I bought an bankruptcy company and I am looking for any solutions to recover all the company emails.

    I explain ...

    At the end, it was impossible for this firm to paid all is bills and they don't paid the servers ... And now I would like to recover this emails.

    I actually have in my possesion all personal computer of this company who are used by the employees, and these PCs always have all emails on zDesktop (Offline sync).

    There is a way where I may recover these emails ?

    I have made a Zimbra fresh install and I am looking for a way to put these emails (on the PC) on this new server (Zimbra 8)

    Hope to be clear.

    Thanks you

    PS : Sorry for my english, I'm a french guy

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    Bonjour et bienvenue sur les forums.

    Are you saying that you have a new Zimbra 8 server installed and you wish to get the mail from a Zimbra Desktop (multiple users or just one) into the server? Did the 'bankrupt' company have a Zimbra server and if so, do you have access to it? Did any of the Zimbra Desktop users take a backup via the ZD backup function? If they did then it would just be a case of importing those backups into a ZCS server users account. If not then it gets more complicated.


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    Hi Phoenix !

    Thanks for reply.

    Well, I actually have a new server with Zimbra 8 (This server is mine, isn't a server company, I bought this server after the purchase of the company).

    I would like to get the mails from zDesktop into the new Zimbra 8 server (Well, 2 accounts if it possible or juste one).

    I have no access of the company server because the OVH (the registrar) had delete him ... I just have an access on the PCs in the office where zDesktop are installed.

    "Did any of the Zimbra Desktop users take a backup via the ZD backup function?" => How could I see that ?

    Thanks you !

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    Well, I found the ZD Backup function.

    Now I've got a backup file for the two accounts.

    Then I guess I just have to setup zDesktop with the new Zimbra serveur and import this backup file ?

    Thanks !

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